Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Classic NBA Lockout at Fantasy Bookies

Where will Dwight end up, hell, where will anyone end up? Likes Dickey Tonight

Well, well, well....look who the old FantasyBookies like

Read: Fantasy Bookies takes a dig at Bosh, via Shaq

Classic Shaq, haha.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Read: Fantasy Bookies Week in Review

A good article over at

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Carlos Beltran - Should the Mets Trade Him???

It seems like you can get solid value, as long as you pick up some of the remaining $6 Million on his salary, for Carlos Beltran. Teams like the Giants, Red Sox or Rangers could be interested. Also, remember what he did the last time he was traded???

I understand he's not as good as he once was...but he's still solid enough in the field and can definitely still hit the ball.

Jose Reyes: Should He Stay or Should He Go??

YOU Tell Me!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Starting Pitching Preview

With Pedro out until at least August the Mets will give the opportunities to some young guys to show what they can do on the big league stage. After Tom Glavine and Orlando Hernandez the rotation is comprised of John Maine, Oliver Perez, and Mike Pelfrey. I expect another solid year from Glavine, who needs only 10 wins to get to 300, which should be an incredible spectacle, which we only hope will happen at Shea. El Duque is good for a few missed starts and a couple trips to the DL, but what can you expect from a guy who turns 73 in July, other than that he should impress and have a solid season when he's healthy. John Maine had a brilliant rookie year last year, putting up a 3.10 ERA and at one point throwing 26 consecutive scoreless innings. After a solid spring i see no reason for him to not grow on what he built last year. Oliver Perez is a real wild card, which Oliver Perez will we get, the guy who threw 6 innings of 1 run ball in Game 7 of the NLCS or the guy who was 3-13 last year with an ERA over 6, only time will tell, but he's got the stuff to be perfect any night he steps on the hill. Mike Pelfrey beat out a cast of veterans and young guys to earn his role as the teams fifth starter. Pelfrey was decent in his rookie debut last season, and should build on that this year, especially with the addition of his slider to his repertoire. The Mets have guys in the bullpen, Aaron Sele and Chan Ho Park, and in the minors, Jorge Sosa, Jason Vargas, and Phil Humber, who could step in and fill a spot at any time in the season. Should the Mets be lucky enough to get Pedro back in August or September look for him to contribute during the stretch run. I see the starting pitching not being as big of a problem as so many of the "experts" think it will be.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Right Field Preview

As we finish up our position player previews we get to another position that is pretty much all set. It appears as though Willie is going to start Shawn Green in Right Field over Lastings Milledge to start the season. Although Green's bat has been warming up recently Milledge has been hitting well over .300 the whole spring. If Green starts to struggle in April and May i suspect Willie will have a tough decision to make regarding sitting down his $4 million veteran for a league minimum prospect. Pecota says Green will hit .273/.343/.424 in the 7 hole for the Mets and also add 10 home runs and 45 RBI. Surprisingly Pecota has Green's numbers pretty low, what else is new. If Green plays the majority of the season for the Mets there is a good chance he will drive in a lot more runs that 45.

Pecota thinks Milledge is a better fit and would have a more productive year than Green. They have Milledge hitting .285/.356/.481 and hitting 17 Home Runs and 66 RBI. They also have him adding 18 stolen bases, and he'd absolutely be an upgrade in the field with his speed and his arm. Look for Milledge to get a realistic look if Green begins to struggle.

I am really becoming a huge Lastings Milledge fan and i hope that the Mets do not trade him. It seems as though he is really growing up and working on becoming a great ball player. He even got a haircut and thankfully stopped wearing that ridiculous cross, although it was one of the funnier things I've seen a rookie do.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Center Field Preview

It'll be hard for Carlos Beltran to have a better statistical year than he did in 2006. He also added a Gold Glove to his trophy case. Beltran needs to have a similar year to what he did this year hitting in the three spot in the lineup again this year. Beltran hit .275/.388/.594 and added 41 Home Runs and 116 RBI. If he can have a similar year offensively, the Mets will be very happy with their center fielder. Pecota sees him having a little worse of a year than last year hitting, .286/.381./.530, also hitting 30 home runs and only 90 RBI. In this lineup Beltran should be able to hit in 90 runs with his eyes closed. I'd imagine this average numbers looking about right, but his power and RBI totals should end up being a little bit higher at the end of the season.

Backing up Beltran will be the defensive gem Endy Chavez. He is one of the best bench players on the team and is a solid fill in on Beltran's off days. If he should go down for a long period of time there is a chance Milledge would fill in if he continues to hit in the minors like he is this spring. Although Milledge could be a significant downgrade defensively.

The Mets are very excited for their center fielders future and couldn't be happier they have him for 5 more years at his young age.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Left Field Preview

Now, on to the outfield. The Mets replaced the oft-injured, yet clubhouse and fan favorite, Cliff Floyd with Moises Alou. Alou, although in his early 40s, when healthy, Alou dominates left handed pitchers. Alou hit .349 against lefties last season while playing for the Giants and had 20 go ahead hits throughout the season. Alou is just a professional hitter, for his whole career he has had a great grasp on finding gaps and driving in runs. Alou can be a bit of a defensive liability at times, but his hitting, and the fact that a Gold Glove Center Fielder plays next to him will help him out tremendously. Pecota sees him hitting .287/.355/.484, which is a pretty large improvement in OBP, based on their lower average projection. They only see him hitting 14 home runs and driving in only 48 RBI, even if he plays only half the year, he'd have to drive in more, based solely on the lineup he is in. I see him with similar numbers, but about 18 homers and 80 RBI.

Chances are Alou will only play about 120-125 games even if he stays healthy, which isn't guaranteed. If he does get injured for an extended amount of time there is a good chance Lastings Milledge is called up to fill in, that is if he hasn't taken right field away from Shawn Green by then, leaving Endy Chavez on the bench, where he is strongest. Ben Johnson also has a shot at filling in for Alou on either off days or if an injury occurs. The Mets have some solid young players and prospects should something go wrong with one of their older outfielders. They are in pretty good shape if something were to go terribly wrong, although Alou's bat will be missed in any lineup. On his occasional off day look for either Chavez, Newhan, or Ben Johnson, should be make the team out of spring training, fill in for Moises Alou.

The Mets should expect some solid production out of Alou this season, and more importantly some protection in the lineup for the big guns like Beltran, Delgado and Wright.

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